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Purchase Maintenance Module
You can now purchase your monthly maintenance product package amounting to 500 and 1,000 PV on your dashboard. You will receive a Product Code which you need to redeem from the head office or any ADC nationwide.

New Unilevel Bonus Phase 1 Activated
Purchase a minimum of 500 PV and teach at least 5 of your Direct downlines to do the same, and you will maximize all earning potentials down to 20 Levels both in the Unilevel and Override bonuses. There is no cutoff, you can purchase anytime and you will be Active for the next 30 days.

Changes in Total Pairs Count and Pairing Balances
VIP and Elite Packages are now counted as 1 Pair Point (PP) instead of 10 PP (previously 5 for JS PP and 5 for Cash PP). So your current Total Pairs Count will be reduced or divided by 10 and your JS PP and Cash PP Left / Right Balances will be divided by 5. So now every new VIP or Elite package that comes under your network will be added to your balances as 1 PP only (either on Left or Right Group).

E-mail Address Requirement
We now require everyone to assign a valid e-mail address upon logging in on your dashboard. This is a requirement for our Password Retrieval feature on the login page.

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